Welcome to the “Twin Cities Blogger”

During my 20 plus years working in MN real estate I’ve found there is a need for information.

The needed information is vast and changing continuously. But,  may be broadly categorized as; Buyers, Sellers, Buyers who are Selling existing real estate at same time, Probate Estate and questions regarding  Assisted Care or Senior’s Facilities. Additionally, each of those categories may have numerous subtopics.

I intend to present general information to assist you.  However, I am not an attorney, lawyer, home inspector, handyman, appraiser, property manager, and not affiliated with any assisted or senior care facilities. While writing a blog, I may contact any of these entities as needed or provide an actual video interview. I will provide you with their full contact information for your use.

I’ve stated what I’m not, please let me tell you what I am. I’m a residential real estate specialist with Creek Realty. Creek Realty offers the  Boutique experience without boutique pricing, where you’re not a number in an assembly line, you’re a friend, we are your realtor® for life.

Additionally, I am one of 1% of Realtors® who have the designation of “Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist” in the United States.

I will cover “What is a Boutique Realty?” in a separate blog later.

Do you have questions or topics you’d like covered? Please, email or text me what you would like addressed.

Duane Schroeder