What is a “Boutique Realty” and “Why do You Want One”?

You as the “Executor”, “Personal Representative” or “Administrator” of an estate want and need to get the sale completed in the shortest timeframe at a good price.

My goal is to help my clients get the service, and the net proceeds they want and deserve. This is accomplished by the “hands on” treatment you receive at Creek Realty, a “Boutiquerealty and me. This is especially important for you in this stressful position you have been given.

I am your contact, I am the person who handles your file. It is NOT passed on to someone else to work on. When you call, email, or text, I am the one who answers your call and replies to your emails and texts. You and I are the team. A successful, stress-free sale is our goal. We, you and I, address any, and all, issues together.

When I say Creek Realty, is a boutique agency, I use that term carefully. As a boutique agency, we cater to our clients, and no one else. If you want me to explain what this means, I am happy to oblige.

As you have noticed, there’s a big difference between shopping in a large, depersonalized store, and walking into a creative boutique. One large store is the same as another. Only the name is different. You can’t get help when you need it, no one knows who you are, no one cares that you are there. The large stores are only interested in numbers, their numbers not yours.

They tout “team mates” who have assistants, who also have assistants. They call that the “Team” or “Group”. I see it as an assembly line with many possibilities for miscommunication, failure to meet time lines, and reduced ability to easily communicate with their clients.

However, a boutique focuses on offering a unique, personalized experience, with specialized choices and customized service. That’s what I deliver, which is one of the reasons over 90% of my business is from referrals.

Of course, I’m also high tech — in today’s world that should be a given — but I’m more than that. My priority is serving you.

We have all heard of, and some may have completed, sales with investors who say they will write a check and close in a few days. My most recent sales transactions had offers from investors which went like this: 2 one-bedroom condominiums listed at $99,000 and $113,000: I was offered $50,000 and $60,000 by an investor. I sold them for $102,000 and $113,000 both in as-is condition. Both sold within 19 days and not to the investors! As I write this, I’m waiting on a closing today of a two-bedroom condominium listed at $140,000. Two weeks ago, I listed it at 8:45 AM and had it sold same day by 4:00PM at FULL PRICE.

In another condominium complex nearby I had a two-bedroom unit listed at $136,000. I was offered $60,000 by an investor! It sold in 2 days at $136,000 in as-is condition!

Previously, I have sold homes priced well into 6 figures. However, these are the most recent homes I have sold. The 4 examples are true. However, they are not meant to represent how your home will sell. In real estate each home is unique. The location is unique. The neighborhood is unique. The market changes daily, or so it seems. You may experience a totally different outcome. But, as your certified probate real estate specialist I will do my best for you.

How do I accomplish this? I use a 24-point marketing plan. Some of my plan highlights are: full MLS exposure, add your listing to thousands of realtor web sites including those big box franchises, professional photography, multiple notifications sent to over 10,300 realtors who have buyers wanting to buy a home like yours, it may also include; a full appraisal and home inspection, I also notify the potential buyers I know of. In other words: preparation, massive exposure, and follow through, means that we will succeed. Additionally, I will not take on more business than I can comfortably and professionally handle at a time. This means you will not get lost in any system.

You as the “Executor”, “Personal Representative” or “Administrator” want and need to get the sale completed in the shortest timeframe at a good price. I’m your man, contact me today.

Duane Schroeder Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Creek Realty 952-545-5765 or 612-749-5626